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Smaller Moment.js

Moment.js is a great JavaScript library that makes working with time a lot easier. I totally love it, but there is one problem: It is huge! That is because moment-with-langs.js includes all supported languages, and they support a lot of them!

Now the good news is that you can build a custom version of Moment.js with just the languages you need. To do this, you need Git, Node.js and Grunt - but you have these already, right?

Let’s start by fetching the repository and installing dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/moment/moment.git
cd moment
git checkout master
npm install

Now simply run the below command with a comma seperated list of all languages you need (German and French in this example) - all languages in the lang/ folder can be embedded.

grunt release --embed_languages=de,fr

Note that english is always included and there is not way to change that. When the command finishes, you’ll find your custom version at min/moment-with-customlangs.js.

The resulting file size is around 70 KB with a single language - much better than the default 270 KB.