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This Week in CloudFM 1

or: How to implement XML parsing in just 500 lines of Rust.

A weekly blog about my progress on CloudFM, a offline-first, multi-backend music player.

Not the best start for a series like this, but last week my SDD died. Then I wasted an entire evening trying to install OpenSuse Tumbleweed (something something SecureBoot). Bottom line, I did some stuff, but not even close to what I wanted to achieve.

What’s new

  • hyperdav got all required functionality. I’m not particularly proud about the code, especially the response parsing using xml-rs is extremely verbose, even though like 90% of the body is ignored anyway. Maybe real xml support in serde will happen one day.

  • WebDAV indexing is now implemented. This change broke some parts of the app, since the URI format has changed to now always include the backend id.

  • All components are now dockerized. I want to do some form of automated deployment soon-ish. Not because it makes sense right now, but because playing with ops stuff is fun.

What’s next

In case my notebook decides to explode tomorrow, let’s set the goals a bit lighter:

  • Make the web app usable for everyday listening - same as last week
  • Implement the UI to add ownCloud/Box.com backends, which will be stored as webdav behind the scenes