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Runtime Review

Runtime is a new player on the meal replacement market that was kickstarted by Soylent a few years ago. I have tried many of the European brands and will compare them to Runtime. Full disclosure, I was provided with a sample pack for free.

I had never heard of Runtime before, so I checked out their website. They offer powerded food and energy drinks and primarily target gamers. I found the site to be very appealing, definitely one of the better one’s out there.

Since the energy drink is just that and not a complete meal, I will only talk about the powdered food titled “Next Level Meal”. It comes in four different flavours: Original, Coconut, Strawberry and Chocolate. Unfortunately Chocolate was not included in the mix pack I recieved.

Each bag is a single meal, which I like because I often make a mess with the larger bags. The price is €3.50 per bag, or about €2.50 with a subscription. At 600kcal per bag, Runtime is among the more expensive meal replacements.

Each bag requires you to add 300ml of water, after a bit of shaking the powder dissolves pretty well. The texture is still a bit gritty, but I didn’t mind it. For me, this is a definite improvement over Queal’s texture.

The original flavour is easily my favourite, it’s quite sweet with a bit of vanilla. The coconut flavour is similarly sweet with a hint of coconut. I couldn’t stand the taste of the strawberry, but that applies to Jimmy Joy’s strawberry as well, it’s just not for me. Overall I’d say the flavouring is top notch and comparable to Queal.

There is a bit of a alarming trend though, and that is the sugar content. A meal of Jimmy Joy contains 10g of sugar, a meal of Runtime contains almost 18g of sugar. I imagine this is part of the reason why it tastes so good, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

To conclude this review, I like Runtime a lot. It has the best texture of all powdered foods I’ve tried, the flavouring is great as well. The price is a bit higher than I’d like, but from what I’ve been told we might see it decrease soon.